For fun

Still consider myself a triathlete, but I’m getting long in the tooth to race. I still enjoy training and doing some gravel and MTB riding, as well as trail running. I love being outside and up river round the bend from the City. I blame COVID for now being a hack ukulele player. Deadhead for life.

For real

I’m a scientist, occasional teacher, and for a while helped in leading an academic Department through an interesting couple years following March 2020. My research is in atmospheric science, specifically using lidars (laser radars) to understand more about weather and climate. Here’s my bio page.

You can follow my posts from Mastodon using: @bobiverse@bobsica.com, use Webmentions or email me at bobiverse@bobsica.com.

If you’re looking to blackmail me and want the old stuff, try my old personal blog or my old science blog.

Bob Sica @bobiverse